Thursday, May 18, 2006


Three brief things

My mother writes: “Just heard on the news that the Catholic Church is objecting to The Da Vinci Code because it ‘mixes fact with fiction.’ Like the Bible doesn't!”

Opening a CD. There are typically two membranes of disposable plastic separating the purchaser from his music. One is a wrap of cellophane. The other is a slender sticker wrapped along the top of the case. I just found the quick way to remove the second obstacle (peeling which can take quite a long time otherwise). Open the case before it’s off! It rips right in the middle, and then peels easily. (You have to brace the hard plastic parts in such a way that they don’t fracture, but it’s not hard.)

“Voter cynicism.” This is an abuse of language. It foists the opinion (manifestly common among reporters) that voting is somehow worth most people’s time. The foist is probably unintentional, but a foist nonetheless.

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