Saturday, April 22, 2006


Nearly effortless posture correction

I just discovered that the secret to keeping one’s back straight is not in the back, but the hips! Try this for yourself: roll the bottom of your hips backward and the top of your hips forward, and see what your back does.

I’m absolutely amazed. This requires almost no strength and feels much better than the posture I’ve always kept. I have tried to “straighten up” before, by sending different commands to my back (rather than my hips), but it never worked – I always got tired and stopped in a few minutes.

Absolutely amazed.

I found this out from Art deVany’s blog. He’s a retired biologist, and uses the term “lordosis” for the hip configuration I’ve described. (I found that amusing, because I had thought lordosis referred to the posture of sexual receptivity adopted by female rats – and I was right.)

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